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The Canuckinomicon

Mar 21, 2020

Today we look at the exciting life of John Ware, a person who is not well-known outside his adopted home of Alberta, Canada. Learn the story of the man widely regarded as Canada's greatest cowboy with us today!

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Jan 30, 2020

Adrien Arcand was an influential part of the pan-Canadian Nazi movement both before and after World War 2. Today, we learn a little about him, his weird magazines, and how he slowly went from "pretty normal conservative" to "wacky anti-semitic weirdo."


Jan 23, 2020

Some people do terrible things because they're dumb. Some people do terrible things because they're evil. And when people are both dumb AND evil, they do some of the worst thing, and they do them badly. Such is the tale of today's character, Peter Demeter, who is honestly just the worst guy.


issue with the new episode

Jan 17, 2020

Hey everyone, just a quick update that there was an issue with the new episode. I will be releasing an updated file for you to download so you can listen with much better quality! Apologies!

Jan 16, 2020

Canada has a long and complicated history with people of colour, to put it lightly. Today, we share one of the more uplifting stories from that tangled history, a story of success, grit, and the rugged attitude needed to survive in 18th and 19th century Canada: The story of Rose Fortune.

UPDATE: There was an issue with...